Cal Fire Trees

In recent years we have lost 200+ trees to the drought and the Black Turpentine Bark Beetle. These are the huge Monterey Pines that were planted in the park in the the 1930’s. In 2019, the Friends of Waller Park partnered with Your Children’s Trees and received a Cal Fire grant to plant 300+ new trees. These trees will be planted over the next couple of years.

Memorial Tree Planting

For years the Friends of Waller Park has had a program for planting Memorial Trees. However, it was decided in March 2022 to discontinue these plantings due to over saturation. The County will have an Arborist do a survey of our trees, and if there is a need, we may plant Memorial trees again in the future. 


We were approached In 2017 the Friends of Waller Park was approached by Boy Scout Ashton Guiltinan who wanted to create an Arboretum inside the Park for his Eagle Scout project. With support from the board members of the Friends of Waller Park, a beautiful arboretum was created and is located by the flag pole in the front of the Park. The arboretum was dedicated in October 2018 and it is Accredited by ArbNet. There are 25 trees (Level l) that are identified with a plaques containing the type of tree with a QR code that one can scan and find out more information on the species.